The founder of Learn Mental is Saeed Butt. Saeed is a certified freelance Mental Health Practitioner. He is ready to professionally deliver and share ‘lived experience’ learning with others to assist and aid the alleviation of continued suffering, misery, and hardship that poor mental health brings to the lives of individuals, families and even entire communities.

The idea for Learn Mental came from Saeed’s personal ‘lived experiences’ of dealing with mental health problems.

Experiences which meant, Saeed finally embarked on a lengthy journey to discover more about mental health and of the complexities that make up what is termed ‘mental wellbeing’. 

As a result of his learning, continued research and work, Saeed also sat in on and facilitated , many Peer Support Group sessions. Peer Support Group sessions where painful and sometimes difficult experiences were raised and shared. The hope was to not only find companionship in the face of affliction, but of increasing self-awareness to ease the ‘felt’ mental distress.

Saeed says he learnt that rather than viewing experiences of poor mental health as negative, asking for help whilst thriving on an instinct for survival in the face of ‘felt’ adversity, is a quality that ought to be emboldened and praised.