As a mental wellbeing and distress consultancy, the Learn Mental vision is one of a society where people recognise when their mental health is at risk, as easily as when they feel the pain from a physical ailment. Raised awareness of their mental health means they may take action to try and avoid a concern or situation from developing into a mental health crisis.

The Coronavirus pandemic is a perfect example of how not understanding the complexities that go with mental wellbeing, can make things increasingly difficult for the general population at times of national crisis.

Learn Mental seeks to assist and support mental health agendas at all levels by seeking to not only support existing strategies and programmes, but also by offering powerful, new, and innovative solution focused initiatives, based upon ‘lived experiences’ and learning to help meet common aims.

We are therefore always available to work in collaboration with others from a variety of professional sectors, or with members of the local communities as and when required.